2017-2019 Biennium
Mission Goal: $2,075,000

By Vote2017-2019 Mission GrantsDisbursed to GranteeBalance to Pay
#1Providing Food and the Gospel to Starving Children – Mercy Meals of Siouxland$20,000$20,000
#2Mercy House for Women and Children – Franklin Avenue Mission, Flint, Michigan$100,000
#3Christ for Veterans and Their Families – LCMS Ministry of the Armed Forces$27,750
#4Tanzanian Sewing Center – Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania (ELCT$25,000
#5Current Missionary Need – LCMS International Mission$100,000
#6Lutheran Children’s Books for Families Worldwide – Lutheran Heritage Foundation$100,000
#7Christian Hope Through Mass Media in Egypt – Lutheran Hour Ministries$100,000
#8NOLA 4H: Hearts for the Hungry, Homeless, and Hurting – Christian Families United for Progress$100,000
#9Lutheran World Relief Quilt and Kit Shipping Fund$40,000$40,000
#10Christian Eldercare Home in Haiti – Ministry in Mission$100,000
#11Training Lutheran Middle Eastern Missionaries – Biblical Orthodox Lutheran Mission$31,000$62,000
#12Completion of Lukonda Lutheran School Buildings, Uganda – Lutheran Church Uganda$48,000
#13Equipping Youth to Witness for Life ? Y4Life – Lutherans for Life$25,000
#14Laborers of Love – Lutheran Braille Workers$100,000
#15Sharing Jesus with People with Disabilities – Bethesda Lutheran Communities$100,000
#16Education Loan Repayment Assistance Grants – Ministry Focus$25,000$75,000
#17Nursing Students Serving with Mercy Medical Team – LCMS Office of International Mission$25,000
#18Restoration Programs for Native Hawaiians – Lutheran Indian Ministries$15,000$60,000
#19RECONNECT to the Body of Christ, Circuit 28 –Texas District$50,000
#20Prison and Jail Ministry Synod-wide Conference in 2018$36,500
#21Family Scholarships for Short Term Mission Trips – MOST Ministries$20,000$40,000
#22Raising Pastors and Deaconesses – Evangelical Lutheran Church of Liberia$97,000