2019-2021 Biennium
Mission Goal: $2,100,000

By Vote2019-2021 Mission GrantsDisbursed to GranteeBalance to Pay
Water and the Word for Rural Schools in Kenya — Evangelical Lutheran Church, Kenya
#2Teach Me Too — Preschoolers with Learning Needs — Lutheran Special Education Ministries$100,0000
#3Mission Outreach for At-Risk Young Women in Africa — Lutheran Hour Ministries$100,0000
#4God’s Grace for This Generation — LAMP Ministry, Inc. $100,0000
#5God’s Word Changes Everything — Lutheran Bible Translators$95,0000
#6Mobile Medical Mercy Mission Bus for Guatemala — Lutheran Church of Guatemala and Child Beyond International$55,0000
#7Mobile Medical Mercy Mission Bus for Guatemala — Lutheran Church of Guatemala and Child Beyond International$50,000$50,000
#8Lights for Christ Scholarships — Divine Savior Lutheran Church, Zacapa, Guatemala$95,000
#9Wind River Indian Reservation Transportation — Wind River Lutheran Mission$40,0000
#10Ministry in Motion — Trinity Lutheran Church, Mobile, Alabama$58,0000
#11Touching the Living Word — Lutheran Braille Workers$100,0000
#12Women’s Witness and Mercy Asia — Mission Central$100,0000
#13Digital Media Development — Lutherans For Life$30,000
#14Hope and Healing Hub of Downtown Lincoln — University Lutheran Chapel, Lincoln, Nebraska$50,0000
#15Pre- and Post-Seminary Training for Local Church Workers — Mission Training Center, Africa$62,650
#16Preparing Leaders for Tomorrow — LCMS School Ministries$80,000
#17Christ for You, Anytime, Anywhere — KFUO Radio$60,0000
#18Sri Lanka Multipurpose Building Construction — Office of International Mission$50,000
#19Making Jesus Known in the United States Ethnic Communities — Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, Missouri$100,0000
#20Music Outreach, Classes, and Resources on the Border — Ysleta Lutheran Mission Human Care, El Paso, Texas$98,4000
#21LCMS Deaconess Ministry — LCMS Office of International Mission$39,523