2020-2022 Biennium Mission Grants AmountPaid
1.  Gulf States District Scholarship Fund$3,000,0
2.  Mill Neck’s Deaf Christian Education Afterschool Program0$3,000
3.  “Support at Just the Right Time” Mission Central0$5,000
4.  Concordia Seminary, Ft Wayne Food and Clothing Co-op0$5,000
5.  Resurrection Lutheran Academy – Pensacola, FL0$5,000
6.  Witnessing to the Ethiopian: Catechisms & Devotions for Ethiopians and Immigrants,
Lutheran Heritage Foundation
7.  Training Leaders to BOLDLY declare Y’shua as Messiah, IN ISREAL, The Apple
Of His Eye Mission Society
8.  Early Childhood Playground Safety Improvement – Redeemer Lutheran School, Pensacola0$5,000
9.  Center for Refugee Orphans and Jacmel Lutheran Home, Haiti$5,0000
10. VOICE OF CARE: Equipping the Gulf States District for Disability Ministry and
Respite Care
11. POBLO International – train Gulf States Congregations in workshops to begin cross
cultural outreach to Muslims and others
12. Women Shepherds Living Quarters, Madagascar, With God’s Little Ones$3,0000
13. Broadcasting and Recording Studio Equipment – LCMS Mission to Spain$5,0000
14. Concordia Seminary, St Louis, International Graduate School Program$3,0000
15. Expanding the Dominican Republic Disability Ministry$3,0000